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Windows 8 Laptop Bloatware?

Our friend Roblimo (Robin Miller) has a great little article outlining some key differences consumers are liable to encounter when purchasing new Windows 8 Laptops. You can read about it at the IT Knowledge Exchange website. Your New Windows 8 … Continue reading

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Convert Your Logo From BMP to SVG, Free!

Working with graphics and logos can become easier if they’re in the correct format. Learning how to convert a bitmapped image to an equivalent scalable vector graphic is worthwhile where possible. Continue reading

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Cloud Computing and the Truth About SLAs

I’m not saying this. blogger Bernard Golden is saying it and he has a point.  Cloud Services are the new big deal but they are not a panacea for all things Information Technology related and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) … Continue reading

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Beware: The “Feel Good” Backup

A tech savvy friend can be a great asset but they can also be a serious liability to your business.   An example is a local medical practice I recently visited; the backup system was in place and working as advertised … Continue reading

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Making Lemonade

First, I got lemons … Earlier today I was doing some web development for a client.  This involves searching though stock photographs and images on the world wide web.  Sometimes I use clipart or photographs – slightly modified – or … Continue reading

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A Virtual No-Brainer

What Is Virtualization? In the computer world virtualization is the process of replacing your existing server hardware environment with an equivalent software environment.  This “tricks” the server into thinking it’s running on bare metal (your Dell or HP server hardware) … Continue reading

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Go Ahead Click Away!

I just finished reading an article at Low End Mac dot com entitled “Sick and Tired of Windows” in which the author Dan Knight muses about how he and several other folks he knows are just tired of Windows computers … Continue reading

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Does Your Office Need A Fax Server?

In keeping with my policy of introducing one super exciting subject per year I want to now talk about facsimile, otherwise known simply as fax. No corny jokes about ‘just the fax’ or anything else related to 60s crime dramas, … Continue reading

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Teach Parents Tech!

Anything that saves time and gets the job done is okay as far as I’m concerned.  I’m pretty much on the go all the time so my time seems to just vanish  – a lot.  Where’d the time go?  Dunno, … Continue reading

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Humble Indie Bundle II

A few months back we all had an opportunity to download a bundle of computer games and name our own price!  You may have heard about it.  It was called the Humble Indie Bundle of games – the “indie” part … Continue reading

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