Remote Computer Rescue


We’re here to help you resolve your current computer crisis – from the comfort of your own home or home office!

Penguin QuickSupport Window

Windows Users (click on image) then give us your ID and Password - Easy!

  • Complete Windows Computer Rescue
  • Application Maintenance
  • User Tutelage

Within moments we’ll be securely connected to your computer; helping you resolve your software issue(s). Use our Penguin QuickConnect software. It will provide you with a unique code and password. Give us this information and we will connect to your computer while you’re on the phone with us! Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Simply call us at: 239-963-4680

Penguin QuickSupport for Mac

Our Remote QuickSupport software works the same way for Mac users too!

We offer support to Mac users too!

  • Mac OS X Mail Help
  • Mac OS X Support
  • Installation tips
  • Downloads and Updates

    Our Pricing

  • All callers get 15 minutes of free diagnostics and advice!
  • $89/hr for remote repair services – one hour in advance.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Got Linux? We support that too!

Download and Install “Penguin Computer & Telephone Solutions Rescue Connection” software for your system! Call us and we’ll connect for support!

Other services Available:

  • Guidance in Computer Selection, Purchase & Setup
  • Flash Media & Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Disaster Prevention and Recovery
  • Secure Computer Disposal

Questions? Email us here

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