Penguin Fax Server

Does your office need a fax server?

Our Penguin Fax Server is a highly customizable all-in-one fax server solution. This enables us to configure it for your exact needs today while still being able to modify it to meet changing needs tomorrow.

No matter what business you’re in, it is likely evolving and expanding.  New departments may spring up tomorrow or new satellite branches may have to spin up quickly to meet market demands.  We don’t know how your particular success will arrive but we’ll be right there with you and the Penguin Fax Server solution will evolve to meet your needs.

Example capabilities:

  • Allow everyone in your organization can send/receive fax from their own desktop
  • Windows, Macintosh & GNU/Linux workstations supported
  • Receive Fax in either Email and/or network share
  • Automatically archive ALL inbound/outbound fax for SOX/HIPAA compiance
  • Move documents around the office without the need for printing
  • Make notations and remarks directly on the electronic copy – no need to print!

Our Fax Server solution helps manage your work flow.


  • Your entire office able to fax directly from the desktop using the built-in Microsoft Fax capability of your PC and/or Mac OS X client software.
  • Your entire office being able to receive faxes directly into each users individual email inbox – as Adobe PDF documents (for example)
  • Receiving faxes directly on your network share
  • All your facsimile being backed up automatically and permanently.
  • Receiving regular reports regarding incoming/outgoing activity

You will save paper, ink & toner, shredding and time!  You’ll be able to easily reprint faxes at any time, as needed – even faxes you received months ago!

Does your office need a fax server?

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