As wizards in Windows Server and UNIX/Linux – Penguin Computer & Telephone Solutions provides a number of networking services for your company. We can assist in the entire process of planning, implementing, maintaining, performance analysis, documentation, upgrading, and troubleshooting of Windows Server\Workstation and UNIX/Linux networks. We have been offering network solutions to businesses since 1995.

A few examples of business class services we provide:

  • System Administration
  • Remote System Administration
  • Computer Networking and System Design
  • Business Telephone Systems – Sales & Service
  • Encrypted Off-Site Data Backup
  • Disaster Prevention & Recovery
  • In-house Document Imaging Solutions
  • 24 Hour Emergency Services
  • Computer Repair
  • Web Services
  • Training

A few examples of business class solutions we provide:

  • LAN/WAN Design, Implementation, and Maintenance
  • LAN/WAN Based Faxing Solutions.
  • LAN/WAN Internet Connectivity
  • Critical Data Archiving
  • Secure Remote Access

Very basically, we build solutions that work together to enhance each others function. Our networking, computing systems and telephone solutions streamline your business work flow.

Harmony and agreement are not bolted on – they’re built in.

In an emergency you are in the best hands when your computer systems, network and telephony are supported by Penguin Computer & Telephone Solutions. We provide repair, consulting and maintenance services which enable our customers to plan properly for disaster recovery and to plan and manage systems toward the goal of avoiding disaster.

Through proper system maintenance emergency situations are mostly preventable.

We support it all. From our experience comes a wealth of ways in which we help our customers plan intelligently for the future and their growth. Knowing what we know is only part of it. We always concern ourselves with what we don’t yet know.

We ask the questions that only proper planning allows us to.