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Windows 8 Laptop Bloatware?

Our friend Roblimo (Robin Miller) has a great little article outlining some key differences consumers are liable to encounter when purchasing new Windows 8 Laptops. You can read about it at the IT Knowledge Exchange website. Your New Windows 8 … Continue reading

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Convert Your Logo From BMP to SVG, Free!

Working with graphics and logos can become easier if they’re in the correct format. Learning how to convert a bitmapped image to an equivalent scalable vector graphic is worthwhile where possible. Continue reading

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Make Way – I’m A Professional!

I was having a conversation with a Certified Public Accountant yesterday.  I was there at his office for a different purpose but invariably the conversation turned, as it often does, to technology.  The subject of our conversation quickly became his … Continue reading

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Safe Internet For Your Customers!!

John owns an auto repair shop.  As an entrepreneur he understands the importance of customer service.  He’s competing with larger and sometimes better funded competition all around him.  He knows his services and parts are superior and he wants everyone … Continue reading

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Happy Belated World Backup Day! Seriously.

World Backup Day happened on my birthday last week so I was distracted and forgot to remind everyone.  In our defense; every day is World Backup Day for us.  We keep your business systems safe by constantly planning for the … Continue reading

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Simple Performance Boost – More Memory

Recently more and more customers are bringing their machines in to have them “gone over”.  In many cases the customer is noticing slower and slower performance and are ready to purchase a new system.  Prices have fallen in recent years … Continue reading

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Lightning & Power Outages – Surge Protection or UPS?

Summertime is just about here.  With it will arrive unscheduled power interruptions, brown-out conditions, spikes and surges of power; this is especially true here in Southwest Florida. Because of the value of electronic devices the importance of good protection cannot … Continue reading

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Cloud Computing and the Truth About SLAs

I’m not saying this. blogger Bernard Golden is saying it and he has a point.  Cloud Services are the new big deal but they are not a panacea for all things Information Technology related and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) … Continue reading

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Beware: The “Feel Good” Backup

A tech savvy friend can be a great asset but they can also be a serious liability to your business.   An example is a local medical practice I recently visited; the backup system was in place and working as advertised … Continue reading

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Offering Reliable & Robust Wireless ISP Service

We Have A Secret? Depending upon your location, your home or business can take advantage of the cost savings and greater reliability of Internet services delivered directly to your location using wireless technology.  Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) move away … Continue reading

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