Safe Internet For Your Customers!!

John owns an auto repair shop.  As an entrepreneur he understands the importance of customer service.  He’s competing with larger and sometimes better funded competition all around him.  He knows his services and parts are superior and he wants everyone else to know too.  John prefers to work smarter.  He knows these simple truths.

  • Customer Experience will play a vital role in his success
  • Repeat Business is money in the bank
  • The best and least expensive advertising is word-of-mouth

John’s Auto Repair Customers

John's Auto Repair

John's Auto Repair

John wants customers to come, enjoy the expert service he has to offer and leave having exceeded their expectations.  He wants them to return again and again.

The auto repair shop is not an exciting place to be but there are television, magazines and free Internet to keep his customers occupied.  This reduces stress on the customer and stress on his technicians.  Time flies for the customer when they have distractions available to them.  The average customer arrives with their electronic devices in their vehicle.  They’re prepared to get some important work done and maybe answer some email while they’re waiting.  At some point during their visit they may even check into a social network or two; to see what their friends are up to.  They might even “check-in” on Facebook or Foursquare so their friends can find them and that’s where John gets free advertising.  Internet access -or- lack of Internet access will impact John’s Auto Repair business.

 The Network

Protect Your Business …

John uses his existing network and Internet access to reach his resources.  A big one is which keeps him up to date with the latest service bulletins for all motor vehicles and includes known safety issues; things he’ll need to address for his customer.  He also utilizes it to process credit card sales with the bank.  His server and laptop computers must be highly available – his techs depend on them.

Free Wireless Internet Access For Your Customers

Since his private network is firewalled (protecting it from the customer-side) using a correctly configured captive portal he has no worries about security.  He makes his Internet connection available to his customers free of charge.  He’s already paying for the connection and much of it would go unused throughout the day, so why not?  He can control wireless WiFi and even wired network connections from his waiting room area to prioritize his own needs while providing his unused bandwidth free to his customers.  Using the captive portal John can even “turn off” Internet during non-business hours.  He is in control.

… from Your Customers

Let’s be honest, the Internet is a crazy and dangerous place at times.  It’s riddled with spyware and malware sites posing as free anti-virus sites.  Not to mention dangerous email attachments posing as weekend photos of your friend’s family.  These threats are available to anyone using the Internet.  These threats are real.  As added insurance the Captive Portal also offers a layer of protection for John’s business; his TERMS OF USE indemnify his business from liability if anything goes wrong with a customer’s device while they’re on the Internet connection he’s providing.  Don’t misunderstand, the Internet can be dangerous from anywhere but when people connect from their home it’s different because John doesn’t provide that connection.

In John’s case he knows his customers (and strangers in the area) are unable to harm his systems or network.  He did the research and invested in the piece of mind that a professionally installed Captive Portal solution provides.  He knows network security doesn’t just happen on its own.  He’s smart enough to know he needs help, but not just for himself, he’s going to protect his patrons too.

Protect Your Customers

John's Captive Portal

Safely Connected To John's Auto & Truck Repair

When a customer connects to the Internet at John’s Auto Repair they know they’re connected to the legitimate wireless network.  Their web browser is redirected to the splash page before they’re ever allowed onto the Internet.  This page can be used for a variety of purposes but at minimum it will display John’s “Terms of Use”, and require user agreement prior to allowing customer’s to reach the world wide web, email, etc…

This protects the customer.  They want to be able to check their email and surf the Internet while getting their car or truck repaired.  Their kids want to use the iPad or hand-held gaming device to keep up with their friends.  Customers don’t want to be “hacked” by strangers or have their personal information compromised.  The captive portal landing page will assure them that they’re on the repair shop network and not a hacker’s network deliberately set up to look like the repair shop’s – in the hope of luring people into a trap.


A Captive Portal device protects John and his customers.

Everyday more Internet connected devices become active.  The Internet has become the indispensable tool used by millions to work and stay connected with their friends.  Through social networking they “check-in” with their friends and rave about the great service and products they’ve purchased and enjoyed.  Help them get the word out!

If done properly, Internet access is a fairly inexpensive way to garner goodwill from your customers.  They appreciate it and will tell their friends!  Cost free advertising is a win too.

Penguin Computer & Telephone Solutions can help your business provide safe Internet for your customers.  Safe for you and safe for your clientèle.

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