Simple Performance Boost – More Memory

Recently more and more customers are bringing their machines in to have them “gone over”.  In many cases the customer is noticing slower and slower performance and are ready to purchase a new system.  Prices have fallen in recent years so new replacement systems are looking more attractive than ever.  Consider though the cost of labor involved in moving your programs and data over and in some cases additional licensing for the software that doesn’t transfer legally.

Before spending money unnecessarily consider a simple memory upgrade.  Not only do most systems come with less than their maximum RAM – many come with slower memory than they can handle.  Depending upon configuration your system may benefit from more memory and faster memory too!

For Windows users there’s a simple system scanner tool available as a free download from the Crucial memory website.  You can use it to get:

  • recommended upgrades
  • guaranteed compatibility
  • free shipping on qualified orders
Dimm Memory

Upgrade Memory

Before upgrading memory it’s a good idea to find out whether your Operating System (Windows, MacOS or Linux) will support the additional memory.  There are limits to how much memory will be recognized and used.  Example: most Windows XP computers will only recognize 3.5 ~ 4 Gigabytes of memory.  Most Windows XP computers are “32 bit” which limits the amount of memory the computer can use.  Microsoft has a web page you can view to find out where you stand on the maximum memory issue: Memory Limits for Windows Releases.

Of course anemic memory conditions are not the only causes of slow performance. Many times other things like resource robbing malware or PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) can be removed.  This “cleaning” will free up resources and get you zipping along nicely too.  Nevertheless, memory upgrades are less labor intensive than system upgrades and that makes them a great bargain when possible.

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