Cloud Computing and the Truth About SLAs

I’m not saying this. blogger Bernard Golden is saying it and he has a point.  Cloud Services are the new big deal but they are not a panacea for all things Information Technology related and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are not guarantees – at least not the kind many may be thinking they are.

Bernard writes, “Having sat through a number of discussions on the topic of SLAs, these session descriptions ineluctably brought to mind the following truth: SLAs are not about increasing availability; their purpose is to provide the basis for post-incident legal combat.”

The fact of the matter is your business losses due to interruptions of service are not generally reimbursed – only a portion of the fees paid for services.  In other words the SLA is only there to protect the cloud provider.

Mr. Golden makes several good points.  I would just also add that the Internet Service Provider who supplies the road to the cloud services generally offers a separate and distinct individual SLA for their service separate from the cloud company.  In other words, if your cloud services provider is up and running but your internet connection goes down it won’t matter what the SLA of the cloud services provider is – they’re still up and providing service – yet you are unable to reach those services and it’s not their fault.

Lots of interesting insights are found in Bernard Golden’s article.

Cloud Computing and the Truth About SLAs


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