Teach Parents Tech!

Anything that saves time and gets the job done is okay as far as I’m concerned.  I’m pretty much on the go all the time so my time seems to just vanish  – a lot.  Where’d the time go?  Dunno, it just went.

Luckily the folks at Google are trying to help us all out.  If you’ve got a family member a thousand miles away who would like help cropping a digital photo (just as an example), you can send them a digital care package – a video showing them the basics!

Teach Parents Tech

teachparentstech.org is loaded with useful video "howtos"

There are quite a few helpful video tutorials covering common applications and how to get done what needs doin’.  Even if your Mom or Dad are not using the specific programs used in the examples you’ll usually find the concept helpful enough to get them pointed in the right direction.  Check it out.  Click the picture above -or- click teachparentstech.org.

Whew, that was easy!

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