Humble Indie Bundle II

A few months back we all had an opportunity to download a bundle of computer games and name our own price!  You may have heard about it.  It was called the Humble Indie Bundle of games – the “indie” part referring to independent game developers.   The greatest part of the offer?  Most -or- all of the proceeds of that “fire sale” style Internet offer could be carved up between the developers of the games and a couple of really worthwhile charities.  One of the charities – of which I’m a huge supporter – is the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  (It’s a bit off-topic so when you get some time check them out).

These games are all cross-platform, meaning there are Windows versions, Macintosh versions and GNU/Linux versions.  Mind you the same files may not run on all three systems but you can download and install the one to match your current platform.  Hey, while you’re at it;  why not download all three?  Just take the amount you feel is appropriate for the purchase, divide by three and then donate one third – once for each platform!  If your Windows machine goes up in smoke and you replace it with a Mac or GNU/Linux machine – you’ll have some really cool games to play!

You can donate to some worthy causes and download your games at

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