Can you tell me how to get to Linux Street?

So, you might be asking yourself how you can switch to Linux?  There are a lot of reasons why you might like to do this.  Possibly you’ve heard people talking about it or read something written by one of your friends on Facebook.  Maybe someone has tweeted about it?  Maybe you heard something on the radio?  Something like this:

Linux Radio Promo

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the lower cost or the higher reliablilty or even whether you’re just curious to find out what all the fuss is about: there are some things you can do right now that will help you if and when you finally decide to take the plunge.  Common sense things you can do, like changing your applications.

  • Try using LibreOffice instead of Microsoft Office.  It will open any Microsoft Office documents or spreadsheets you’ll receive and can even save your documents in a number of formats – even Microsoft Office formats.
  • If you’re using a local email client on your computer see if you can switch over to Thunderbird Email, it will automatically import your Outlook/Outlook Express addressbook and you can even bring your email over!
  • Install and use Firefox for browsing the web.  Windows comes with Internet Explorer as it’s default web browser and Macintosh computers use their Safari.  Firefox will import bookmarks and other goodies from either of these browsers.  Get on Firefox now.  It’s safer – (especially on Windows) and it’s remarkably intuitive.  When you land in Linuxville you’ll feel at home already
  • Install GnuCash as your financial software and use it instead of Quicken or Quickbooks.  GnuCash includes a wizard to help you import your existing Quicken data.  GnuCash is a true double-entry accounting software.  There are lots of tutorials available on the web for this software too, so you won’t be in the dark provided you look around a little.  It includes billing, budgeting, A/R and A/P capabilities likening it to Quickbooks along with the ease of use attributes reminiscent of Quicken.

There are so many more ways, but this is a start.  All of theses applications are cost free downloads.  They all support Windows or Mac or Linux operating systems.  Download, install and begin using these applications.  Familiarize yourself with how they work – when it’s time to switch over it’ll make things far less confusing.  You will already be familiar with them and how they work.  They’ll behave exactly the same way once you’ve switched over to Linux.

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